," he said. He listed the | Forum

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BEIJING Cheap Kanken No.2 Australia , May 14 (Xinhua) - Chinese President Xi Jinping onSunday proclaimed the Silk Road spirit, saying it has become agreat heritage of human civilization.

Spanning thousands of miles and years, the ancient silk routesembody the spirit of "peace and cooperation, openness andinclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit," he said.

Xi made the remarks when delivering a keynote speech at theopening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for InternationalCooperation in Beijing.

When expounding the spirit of peace and cooperation, he recalledZhang Qian's well-known journey to the Western regions.

In China's Han Dynasty around 140 B.C., Zhang, a royal emissary,left Chang'an [Xi'an nowadays] and traveled westward on a missionof peace Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Australia , opening an overland route linking the East and theWest.

Centuries later, in the years of Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties,such silk routes, both over land and at sea, boomed. Greatadventurers, including Du Huan of China, Marco Polo of Italy andibn Batutah of Morocco, left their footprints along these ancientroutes.

In the early 15th century, Zheng He Kanken No.2 Backpack Australia , a famous Chinese navigatorin the Ming Dynasty, made seven voyages to the Western Seas, whichXi lauded as "a feat which still is remembered today."

"These pioneers won their place in history not as conquerorswith warships, guns or swords. Rather, they are remembered asfriendly emissaries leading camel caravans and sailingtreasure-loaded ships," Xi said. "Generation after generation, thesilk routes travelers have built a bridge for peace and East-Westcooperation."

The ancient silk routes, spanning the valleys of the Nile, theTigris and Euphrates, the Indus and Ganges Kanken No.2 Australia , and the Yellow andYangtze Rivers, are also regarded as an emblem of openness andinclusiveness.

The routes connected the birthplaces of the Egyptian,Babylonian, Indian and Chinese civilizations as well as the landsof Buddhism, Christianity and Islam and homes of people ofdifferent nationalities and races, Xi said.

They enabled people of various civilizations, religions andraces to "interact with and embrace each other with open mind" andfoster a spirit of mutual respect, he said.

"This part of history shows that civilization thrives withopenness and nations prosper through exchange," he stressed.

Not for trade only, the ancient silk routes also boosted flow ofknowledge http://www.cheapkankenaustralia.com/ , which Xi valued as the spirit of mutual learning.

Through these routes, Chinese silk, porcelain, lacquerwork andironware were shipped to the West, while pepper, flax, spices,grape and pomegranate entered China.

In addition, Buddhism, Islam and Arab astronomy Fjallraven Backpack Australia , calendar andmedicine found their way to China, while China's four greatinventions and silkworm breeding spread to other parts of theworld.

"More importantly, the exchange of goods and know-how spurrednew ideas," Xi noted.

"For example, Buddhism originated in India, blossomed in Chinaand was enriched in Southeast Asia. Confucianism, which was born inChina, gained appreciation by European thinkers such as Leibniz andVoltaire," he said. "Herein lies the appeal of mutuallearning."

Xi also pointed out that the ancient silk routes, whichwitnessed the bustling scenes of visits and trade over land andships calling at ports Cheap Kanken Backpack Australia , bear the spirit of mutual benefit.

"Along these major arteries of interaction, capital, technologyand people flowed freely, and goods, resources and benefits werewidely shared," he said.

He listed the ancient cities of Alma-Ata, Samarkand andChang'an, ports of Sur and Guangzhou, the Roman Empire, Parthia andKushan Kingdoms Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Australia , as well as Han and Tang Dynasties of China, asflags of prosperity boosted by the routes.

"History is our best teacher," Xi said. "The glory of theancient silk routes shows that geographical distance is notinsurmountable."

"If we take the first courageous step towards each other, we canembark on a path leading to friendship, shared development, peace,harmony and a better future," he said. Enditem

Osama bin Laden, the criminal mastermind behind al-Qaida and the world’s most sought-after terrorist because the attacks of eleven September 2001, has long been killed by an US operation Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Australia , President Barack Obama has announced.

In an deal with for the nation, President Obama said Bin Laden was killed in a “targeted operation” in Abbottabad, a highland city north of Islamabad, last evening.

The operation started out with the intelligence lead final August, and culminated in an operation involving a “small crew of Americans”. “After a firefight they killed bin Laden.”

None from the People in america was killed. Pakistani co-operation “helped to lead us to him” he mentioned.

Read Full Presidential Speech Here!Osama Bin Laden

Osama’s body is in possession from the US, in line with the first reviews in the US tv networks.

As the news spread, crowds gathered exterior the gates with the White Home in Washington DC, singing the national anthem and cheering.

President Obama produced the highly unusual Sunday evening live statement to announce the news at around eleven.30pm eastern time.

Bin Laden’s capture arrives 8 a long time to the day that President George Bush declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq. As president, Bush declared he wanted bin Laden “dead or alive” – however it is now the unlikely figure of Barack Obama who has long been able to announce the ultimate triumph as US commander-in-chief.

That is a turning point inside the international “war on terrorism” which has been waged since 911 – and the news will reverberate across the world.

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