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Online Strom Agonium In Memoriam HR Giger hr-giger Cheap watch

Strom Agonium In Memoriam HR Giger
Ref. No: hr-giger
Case: Stainless Steel,Round
Dial: Skull
Diameter: --
Glass: sapphire
Thickness: --
Strap: Leather
BUCKLE Deployment with Push Button
FUNCTIONS: Hour, Minute, Second
Movement: Automatic
Size: Men


Hublot first cast a daring challenge to watch industry's recessive rules in 1980, when the company founder Karlo Krokko (Carlo Croco) will create the first gold watch ever made of natural rubber Strap. Since then, unusual watches with a portholes form the basis of the trend, laying the foundations for a non-standard combination of materials.

Born Italian Carlo Croko has gained his own beautiful concept since childhood. In 1967 he had drawn his first hour, 13 years later, he founded his own company MDM, part of which is watch brand Hublot.

He has the idea of ​​making elegant sports watches, which, contrary to all fashion trends, combine seemingly incompatible materials into universal accessories for any situation. The main principle of the new watch is simple, ship porthole design laid the foundation for the design. Twelve titanium screws strengthen the case shell, emphasizing the unity of form and function.

The former case, the combination of aesthetics polished and brushed metal, with simple black dial, an unusual form of watches ensemble, perfect black rubber strap.replica Strom Agonium In Memoriam HR Giger watch

Members of the royal family have shown great interest in unusual watches, and with the emergence of monarchs, celebrities in the world have attracted new watchers. Despite the obvious risks associated with the bold concept, Hublot has successfully entered the small circle of Switzerland's largest watchmaker in just a few years.

Spent three years researching and developing Carlo Kroxco's unique rubber strap. The difference between a new bracelet and an ordinary one is that the rubber, in its first contact with the wrist, subtly adapts itself to the owner's hand and provides unparalleled comfort when worn. Natural rubber strap is very convenient and practical, so it is fixed in the brand watch series, as the only choice for all Hublot models.

Among the major watchmakers, it is clear that the models produced during this period followed the mid-90s rubber. However, Hublot retains almost its only brand of rubber - not just a fashion phenomenon, reflecting the brand philosophy of living in Hublot and the perfect image to support the company's management of art materials from the day-based style of the brand.http://www.cheapsalewatch.com

Non-standard combination of art

In the meantime, Carlo Croco is also actively involved in the MDM-La Fondation Main Dans La Main. Due to the amount of time and effort spent on fund matters, Kroko began looking for a suitable candidate to replace him as head of the company. Jean-Claude Biver (Jean-Claude Biver) is a man who played an important role in the revival of Swiss watchmaking since the 1980s.

Prior to joining Hublot, Beaver worked with Omega. As an ardent and arduous person, in May 2004 Jean-Claude Beaver took over as CEO, board member and young shareholder of Hublot. His head is full of innovative projects, effectively promoted the rapid development of the brand.

Jean-Claude Beaver did well when he was a board member at Hublot for one year. Retaining the original and instantly recognizable design pattern, Beaver expands the tradition of combining modern principles with the unusual principles of materials: gold, ceramics, gold, tantalum, magnesium and titanium - Beavers do not know before arrival Yes, these materials can be connected in a stylish watch ensemble, which will be very much needed.buy replica Devon watches

Commenting on the challenges facing the company, J.-C Beaver said: "We want to combine past traditions with future technologies to combine the usual materials with high-tech materials. Our mission is to bring the centuries-old system The unification of the watchmaking process. "The release of the Big Bang watch - an elegant sport chronograph with a modern design - the first hour of the brand's image is guessed will be the first step toward a brilliant manifestation of this idea.

Chronograph Big Bang first debut at the watch salon "Baselworld 2005", clearly shows the concept of consolidation in a particular model. Ceramic and boron carbide fibers in these watches, many years ago, naturally joined together as plants and minerals. Big Bang is the first composite rubber case with a side projection, combined with a rubber strap, the style of unity. The success of this model is breathtaking: a wide variety of bonuses have emerged from the cornucopia in the piggy bank of a young watch brand. The Best Design Award (2005) and the Advanced Tabulation Art Grand Prix have proved unconditional acceptance by the company.wholesale Hublot Classic Fusion replica Watches

The concept of "Big Bang" will continue with the King Power collection released in 2009. Model Extra High Power - The combination of functionality and comfort, movement and inhibition of this clever combination aesthetics, from which unspeakable intensity, the collection of watches in the range of materials used includes a wide range of options from the usual stainless steel, titanium and gold , Ceramic, carbon and zirconium. A clear sporty style and massive concessions have been recognized by real connoisseurs of elite Swiss watches.

The consistency and consistency of Hublot development is equally necessary for branding, the pursuit of excellence and the constant introduction of innovative ideas. One of the most sensible examples of such perfectionism is the notion of "intangible visibility" embodied in the "all black" paradigm. The delicate monochrome harmony of subtle black shades captures the attention of the owner of the watch and he just forgot the main function of his accessory - the time display.

The company Hublot, which demonstrated the unexpected combination of materials created (gold, steel, zirconium, tantalum, carbon, tungsten, titanium, rubber, ceramics, Nomex and Tertiary), and various stones used for activity, Such as saffron, topaz, spinel, garnet, hematite, amethyst, sapphires, etc.) are widely considered as innovative, bold and complex models. Complicated model with big date, power reserve, split function, lightning second hand, tourbillon, fly back date, minute repeater and second time zone, provide the company the right to call luxury watch maker.fashion HARRY WINSTON replica watches